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Wish Inspector

Powerful eCommerce product research software that can
quickly analyze thousands of products on for your own eCommerce stores!

Video 1: How to install the software on a Windows PC computer

Video 2: How to install the software on a Mac computer

Video 3: Quickstart help video

Video 4: How to use the manual input option

Video 5: How to save and load data from files

Video 6: How to export the interactive HTML file

Video 7: How to save favorites

Video 8: How to use the quick-filters and sort columns

Video 9: How to create custom filters

Video 10: How to export product data and images to your computer

Video 11: How to import products into Shopify

Video 12: How to import products into WooCommerce

Video 13: How to manually import products into any eCommerce platform

Video 14: How to import product reviews into Shopify

Video 15: How to import product reviews into WooCommerce

Video 16: How to manage your computer installs

Video 17: How to update your software

Video 18: How to uninstall the software on Windows PC computer

Video 19: How to search & research products in other sites

Video 20: New feature - how to change currencies

Video 21: New feature - how to import product reviews with images into Shopify

Download video here

NOTE: To get the images to display properly in your Shopify store you MUST insert my customer javascript code into your Shopify theme template. I show you how in the video below, AND I also have another full tutorial on how to install the code. Here is the link to the additional tutorial: Watch the help tutorial here (link opens in a new window)

Video 22: New feature - how to import product reviews with images into WooCommerce

Dave Guindon

Owner / Developer

Thanks for your kind interest in my software and congratulations for taking action! Refer to the help videos on this page to quickly get started with your software. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. 

Thanks again,

B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering
M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Dave Guindon

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