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Version (Jun 12, 2020)

  • integrated a new in-app messaging system so our team can keep you updated with new updates and special offers
  • updated secure connection methods
  • removed facebook connection warning when starting the software
  • added new information window describing how to completely disconnect your facebook account so you can switch between facebook accounts
  • integrated new software auto updating feature for future version releases

Version (Mar 16, 2020)

  • fixed issue where the facebook login wasn't working due to new facebook updates

Version (Oct 12, 2019)

  • updated mac version to 64-bit for MacOS Catalina
  • updated windows version to current base code

Version (Sep 3, 2019)

  • The functionality of Target Generator has changed from extracting fanpages to directly extracting the interests from the facebook interest database
  • added checkboxes to the data grids
  • added checkbox button in the first cell
  • added filters windows
  • added new instant text search option
  • added ability to get interest keywords directly from the facebook database via API
  • added search type
  • added suggestions option
  • added new copy buttons for easily copying the targets you need

Version (Apr 21, 2018)

  • fixed issue where no results were being extracted due to recent changes with Bing

Version (Apr 6, 2018)

  • Facebook removed the ability to search their API for getting a list of fanpages. Therefore, I integrated a new search feature that searches for related fanpages on the Bing search engine, and the fanpage data is then extracted from the facebook API. Simply enter your search keywords just like before, and select the maximum number of Bing search page results to extract fanpage urls from.

Version (Mar 24, 2018)

  • updated facebook api code

Version (Oct 23, 2017)

  • fixed issue where the right-click menus are not working on the new macOS High Sierra operating system
  • fixed issue where the SSL library wasn't loading on macOS high sierra

Version (Sep 21, 2017)

  • Updated facebook API version inside the software

Version (July 15, 2017)

  • Fixed paging issue due to facebook api changes

Version (June 12, 2017)

  • Fixed paging issue due to facebook api changes
  • Updated links and other various internal functions

Version (Sep 17, 2014)

  • Added new "Power Keywords" database tool
  • Added new multiple search phrase input tool
  • Add new "Affinity" variable in the data table. This is the number of people talking divided by the number of people that like the page. The larger this value, the more endgadgement the corresponding page is getting from fans, and therefore, a better target to use for your facebook ads.
  • Added quick filter option for the affinity column
  • Fixed internal functions that communicate with Facebook to improve performance
  • Added multi-column sorting feature. First click any column to sort, then hold down the "Shift" key and click a second column to sort.
  • Fixed the row delete option when right-clicking the targets data grid
  • Added a new popup window displaying each word of a given page name in the targets grid. Simply double-click any cell to see the new popup. Then single left-click any word to copy that word to the clipboard

Version (Sep 08, 2014)

  • Fixed errors with connecting to Facebook and getting no results

Version (Sep 04, 2014)

  • Fixed problem where you couldn't connect to facebook
  • Fixed the problem where no results were being shown for some users
  • Fixed a few minor runtime errors

Version (Sep 03, 2014)

  • I just uploaded the software online. All software updates will be added to this page


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