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Software version history:

Version: ( Jul 10, 2024 )

  • fixed several issues with the "Generate subtitle Files" button feature due to many changes with the google translate tool
  • fixed issue with extracting channel youtube video links in the "Browse and Extract Tool"
  • fixed issue where special characters are not being saved properly from the Content Translator tool
  • updated software development platform components
  • code recompiled on windows 11 development platform
  • various other internal fixes

Version: ( Nov 15, 2023 )

  • fixed "not a valid integer value" warning in the videos tool
  • fixed issue where the add title and descriptions button was not working due to change on Youtube
  • fixed issue where the add auto subtitles button was not working due to change on Youtube
  • various other internal fixes

Version: ( Sep 28, 2023 )

  • fixed application scaling issue on Mac Sonoma version
  • various other internal fixes

Version: ( Sep 3, 2023 )

  • updated software update management system
  • fixed issue with banner in welcome tab
  • other various core improvements

Version: ( May 23, 2023 )

  • fixed issue where spaces were being added to links after being translated
  • updated software to also convert titles and descriptions for youtube shorts
  • updated software to generate sub title files for youtube shorts
  • updated software development platform to latest version
  • other minor code fixes

Version: ( May 25, 2022 )

  • fixed issue where the translator was unresponsive when translating titles and descriptions
  • improved other core functions

Version: ( Apr 12, 2022 )

  • added ability to save multiple youtube accounts
  • updated internal web browsers to newer version
  • updated auto translating method
  • updated automatic features in browser

Version: ( Mar 30, 2022 )

  • added feature to generate external subtitle files
  • added manual insert feature

Version: ( Mar 2, 2022 )

  • improved internal web browser to login to youtube
  • improved various internal methods

Version: ( Feb 19, 2022 )

  • Software just released

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