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Software version history:

Version: ( Sep 10, 2023 )

  • fixed issue where the custom filters were not working correctly
  • fixed issue when software freezes when removing filters in the custom filter window

Version: ( Sep 1, 2023 )

  • Version
  • fixed issue with downloading new updates
  • changed fanpage search tool to get fanpages from the facebook api instead of bing
  • updated facebook api version

Version: ( Dec 3, 2022 )

  • fixed socket connection error due to changes on Facebook
  • fixed issue with page cover image size in the page reports
  • updated facebook api version
  • removed link column in the comments tool due to facebook removing commentors information from the api due to privacy concerns
  • improved core functions

Version: ( Mar 22, 2022 )

  • improved internal app connections to our app server system

Version: ( Mar 21, 2022 )

  • fixed issue where software was not connecting to our app servers
  • Implemented updated SSL dll files
  • updated core features

Version: ( Oct 19, 2021 )

  • updated software development platform to enhance software on Macs and PCs
  • fixed issue where software crashes on mac
  • other various core improvements

Version: ( Apr 5, 2021 )

  • fixed issue where data is being overlayed onto the data table in the fanpages tool
  • fixed other various issues

Version: ( Jan 29, 2021 )

  • improved the bing search functions in the fanpages tool
  • added new profile image column to the fanpages tool
  • added new cover image column to the fanpages tool
  • updated file saving functions for new columns
  • updated facebook api variables for new changes
  • fixed issue where the graphs were not showing in the page report window
  • replaced the older integrated web browser inside the page report window with the new microsoft edge browser engine
  • improved various core functions and methods

Version: ( Nov 30, 2020 )

  • updated software to work on the new MacOS Big Sur
  • updated edge browser detection methods
  • improved core functions and methods

Version: ( Oct 7, 2020 )

  • fixed error message when searching in the fanpages tool
  • improved the bing search results
  • added new page range option when searching bing for fanpage links
  • added new fanpage link scraper tool for extracting links from any given content that contains fanpage links
  • improved core functions

Version: ( Sep 24, 2020 )

  • added new "Tags" column in the posts tool
  • added new tags analyzer option to the word analyzer so you can see the top used tags among multiple given page posts
  • integrated Microsoft Edge browser engine files into the setup
  • updated software core functions for the latest Facebook Graph API version 8.0
  • removed the "caption" column from the posts tool because facebook removed that field from the page posts API
  • removed the "description" column because facebook made this data the same as the "message" field
  • fixed issues with the instant search in the word analyzer tool
  • fixes issues with the custom filters
  • changed default data storage folder locations to recommended folder locations for saving and storing data for both windows and mac
  • fixed installation warnings that occasionally occur for older computer configurations

Version: ( Sep 12, 2020 )

  • integrated new Edge chrome browser component to drastically improve how the software connects to the facebook API
  • added new close button at the bottom of the facebook connect window

Version: ( May 29, 2020 )

  • updated secure connection methods
  • removed facebook connection warning when starting the software
  • integrated a new in-app messaging system so our team can keep you updated with new updates and special offers
  • improved data connection methods
  • fixed instant text search feature
  • fixed issue with column filters on a mac
  • improved column sorting
  • added new information window describing how to completely disconnect your facebook account so you can switch between facebook accounts

Version: ( Mar 18, 2020 )

  • fixed issue with logging into facebook due to recent changes
  • updated api issues to deal with future bugs with the facebook api system

Version: ( Oct 11, 2019 )

  • updated mac version to 64-bit for MacOS Catalina
  • updated windows version to current base code
  • fixed error message saying to reduce the number of posts to extract

Version: ( Aug 26, 2019 )

  • fixed issue where bar charts were not showing in the page report window
  • added new splash screen when software is started
  • added new software update window for easy installation of new upcoming updates
  • updated facebook api version
  • improved the facebook connection
  • updated the fanpage current ads feature when right-clicking the fanpages data table and selecting Fanpages Tool > See SELECTED fanpages current ads

Version: ( Aug 8, 2019 )

  • fixed issue with error when generating a page score report
  • updated facebook api

Version: ( Jan 2, 2019 )

  • fixed issue where the facebook connect window freezes when trying to click the continue button
  • Improved extracting proper formatted facebook page links from the bing search
  • updated facebook api version

Version: ( Oct 1, 2018 )

  • added new feature to view fanpage ads into the right-click menu in the fanapges tool. Simply right-click the data grid and select Fanpages tool > See SELECTED fanpages current ads

Version: ( May 6, 2018 )

  • fixed small bug where the right-click menu > Fanpages Tool > Generate page score report option was not working
  • added new error checking to make sure users do not enter search keywords into the manual input tool, posts tool, and comments tool

Version: ( Apr 22, 2018 )

  • fixed issue where a facebook error message occurs on computers with a default system language that is not english

Version: ( Apr 21, 2018 )

  • fixed issue where no results were being extracted due to recent changes with Bing

Version: ( Apr 6, 2018 )

  • Facebook removed the ability to search their API for getting a list of fanpages. Therefore, I integrated a new search feature that searches for related fanpages on the Bing search engine, and the fanpage data is then extracted from the facebook API. Simply enter your search keywords just like before, and select the maximum number of Bing search page results to extract fanpage urls from.

Version: ( Mar 25, 2018 )

  • fixed issue where a facebook warning message was appearing when creating a page score report and page scores
  • fixed minor issue with showing word combo reports

Version: ( Feb 10, 2018 )

  • fixed grammatical mistake in the page score report
  • fixed the issue where the video button image was not appearing in the posts preview
  • removed "from" field from the comments tool because facebook changed their api rules where you have to be an admin of the page to retrieve the user ids and pictures for post comments. This makes no different to the performance or purpose of the social page analyzer software because the user ids, names, or pictures are not required to research the page post content and comment content.
  • added new features to save the posts HTML and comments HTML preview files to an external html file you can save. Simply click the "Preview" button or the "File" button in the posts tool and comments tool to see the new saving options.

Version: ( Jan 26, 2018 )

  • fixed problem where parent comments and some comments where not being extracted in the comments tool
  • fixed issue where some user images were not displaying in the comments preview report
  • updated code based on new changes in the facebook api

Version: ( Jan 22, 2018 )

  • fixed issue where getting data when filters are applied caused data to disapear in the data grids for each tool
  • add feature that copies interest keywords for pasting into ad campaigns
  • add feature to save interest keywords to file
  • fixed issue with saving data to CSV and TXT formats
  • added feature in the comments tool when a message is empty but an image was posted, the image link is provided in the message column
  • fixed issue with the instant search in the word analyzer tool
  • put post links into the comments memo box instead of ids
  • add the highlighting feature to the preview posts html template
  • added new "username" column to the fanpages tool
  • fixed font issues in the mac version

Version: ( Nov 6, 2017 )

  • integrated the page report tool
  • integrated a page score column
  • fixed file saving issue on mac computers

Version: ( Aug 28, 2017 )

  • fixed progress bars for getting fanpages that other fanpages like
  • updated likealyzer link

Version: ( Aug 27, 2017 )

  • added new autosave feature
  • added new manual insert feature in the fanpages tool
  • fixed various issues with file saving
  • updated internal code
  • added new feature that extract selected fanpages interests
  • added new feature to analyze selected fanpages on

Version: ( Jun 1, 2017 )

  • Software just released

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