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Software version history:

Version: ( Mar 22, 2022 )

  • improved internal app connections to our app server system

Version: ( Mar 21, 2022 )

  • fixed issue where software was not connecting to our app servers
  • Implemented updated SSL dll files
  • updated core features

Version: ( Feb 28, 2022 )

  • fixed error issue with the category target browser
  • updated API version
  • fixed error message getting suggested interest keywords

Version: ( Nov 30, 2021 )

  • fixed issues where text is showing the audience size columns
  • updated software with latest facebook API changes

Version: ( Nov 23, 2021 )

  • fixed facebook connection issues
  • removed facebook connect option due to recent API updates

Version: ( Nov 5, 2021 )

  • updated facebook api version
  • updated software development platform to enhance software on Macs and PCs
  • fixed issue where software crashes on mac
  • fixed issue in the category browser where the first entry shows zero
  • fixed issue with using multiple words in custom filters and search filters
  • other various core improvements

Version: ( May 4, 2021 )

  • updated facebook api version

Version: ( Mar 7, 2021 )

  • fixed issue where the sites tool returns a read timeout error

Version: ( Feb 5, 2021 )

  • fixed issue where the brands tool was not returning any data due to recent changes on amazon
  • removed the category option in the brands tool due to recent changes on amazon
  • improved core functions and methods

Version: ( Jan 28, 2021 )

  • improved core functions and methods

Version: ( Nov 30, 2020 )

  • updated software to work on the new MacOS Big Sur
  • updated edge browser detection methods
  • improved core functions and methods

Version: ( Oct 5, 2020 )

  • upgraded facebook api to version 8.0
  • updated the facebook connect
  • improved core functions

Version: ( Sep 12, 2020 )

  • integrated the latest version of edge browser engine to improve connecting to facebook
  • added new close button at the bottom of the facebook connect window

Version: ( Jul 10, 2020 )

  • integrated new Edge chrome browser component to drastically improve how the software connects to the facebook API
  • fixed issue where the sites tool was causing an error
  • fixed issue where the brands tool was not returning data
  • updated secure connections to our app server

Version: ( May 29, 2020 )

  • updated secure connection methods
  • removed facebook connection warning when starting the software
  • integrated a new in-app messaging system so our team can keep you updated with new updates and special offers
  • improved data connection methods
  • fixed issue with column filters on a mac
  • improved column sorting
  • added new information window describing how to completely disconnect your facebook account so you can switch between facebook accounts

Version: ( Feb 1, 2020 )

  • fixed the SSL error message in the Wikipedia tool

Version: ( Jan 3, 2020 )

  • fixed issue where the instant text search was filtering out all data in the tables
  • fixed issue with custom text filters

Version: ( Oct 11, 2019 )

  • updated mac version to 64-bit for MacOS Catalina
  • updated windows version to current base code
  • fixed the rank and traffic issue in the sites tool
  • fixed the method for getting related sites from alexa

Version: ( Sep 23, 2019 )

  • fixed issue where no data was being given in the category targets browser tool
  • fixed issue where the results in the category targets tool were given in white font color

Version: ( Sep 16, 2019 )

  • fixed issues in the search engines tool for the target and walmart data sources
  • added new checkbox to the installation setup to auto-open the software after installation
  • added an improved procedure for installing new future updates by simply clicking one button instead of manually downloading and installing

Version: ( Jan 3, 2019 )

  • fixed issue where the facebook connect window freezes when trying to click the continue button
  • updated facebook api version
  • added feature that auto-connects your facebook account when starting the software
  • improved the sites tool to extract more related sites
  • replaced the Quantcast column with estimated monthly traffic column
  • added new button to extract the Alexa rank and estimated traffic in the sites tool

Version: ( Jun 18, 2018 )

  • fixed issue where importing keywords that contain double-quotes into the manager tool
  • updated facebook API version

Version: ( Jun 9, 2018 )

  • fixed error in the category targets browser when clicking the load categories button

Version: ( Apr 9, 2018 )

  • the IMDB xml feed data has been discontinued by amazon, therefore, I replaced the movie titles and names data source with the tvmaz API data source

Version: ( Dec 16, 2017 )

  • fixed issue with the internet connection warning message
  • improved software registration methods

Version: ( Oct 28, 2017 )

  • fixed the registration process
  • updated new facebook api conditions

Version: ( Oct 20, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where the right-click menus are not working on the new macOS High Sierra operating system

Version: ( Sep 26, 2017 )

  • fixed the issue where the scrollbars were not working for the drop-down combo boxes

Version: ( Aug 17, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where the sites tool was returning numbers in the targets column

Version: ( Aug 10, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where the sites tool was not returning any data

Version: ( Jul 20, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where your facebook connection times out by displaying a proper information window and disconnecting from facebook

Version: ( Jul 10, 2017 )

  • fixed issue on mac where clicking the checkboxes in the targets manager tool caused an error
  • fixed issue where a warning appeared when trying to send selected data tot e FB Interests tool
  • added a new label at the top of the software in main menu bar displaying the fb account owners name. this is useful when you have mulitple accounts but want to know which account you are connected to at a quick glance.
  • added a new autosave checkbox to each tool. this comes in handy if you forget to save your data or the software crashes for some unknnown reason, or if you temporaily lose your internet connection. If the autosave checkbox is selected, the next time you start the software, the previous data for that tool will be automatically loaded into the data grid.
  • fixed issue where an error occured when right-clicking a given grid and Clear all filters from the filters submenu

Version: ( Jun 22, 2017 )

  • added "manage installs" option in the help menu button for windows version
  • fixed the filter button in the targets manager tool
  • fixed issue where total selected audience size was not being udpated when clicking checkboxes in the targets manager tool
  • fixed other internal functions to improve extraction efficiency
  • updated code due to facebook api changes

Version: ( Jun 9, 2017 )

  • added a new filter window for each integrated tool for creating custom filters
  • added a new filter button to each tool located on the bottom toolbar near the left-hand side
  • added the ability to manage your number of installs if you need to install on a new computer. this feature will automatically appear when the number of installs in your account has reached the maximum allowed

Version: ( May 9, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where selected targets in the FB Interests tool were not being copied to the clipboard when clicking the copy button at the bottom right-hand side of the data table
  • fixed the issue where a typecast error was occurring when clicking the copy button in the manager tool
  • added a new "Checks" button in the manager in the left-hand side bar
  • improved the facebook connection to prevent the browser from not closing when successfully connected to facebook

Version: ( May 5, 2017 )

  • fixed error when selecting the checkboxes in the manager tool

Version: ( May 4, 2017 )

  • fixed issue where urls were not clickable after validation in the sites tool
  • disabled category targets button while in extraction mode
  • renamed the "Browse Target Categories" to "Browse Category Targets"
  • removed items from the File button drop-down menu that were redundant. they are provided in the right-click menu for each tool's data grid
  • added more options for the copy buttons in each tool

Version: ( May 2, 2017 )

  • added new remove duplicates feature
  • added new browse category targets tool
  • fixed copy and pasting functions for data grids
  • improved the manager tool
  • added Schools, Majors, Job Titles, Employers to the FB Interests tool
  • improved the facebook interests validation function
  • improved several internal functions for better efficiency

Version: ( Apr 24, 2017 )

  • Software just released

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